Day Forty-Two


Had a weird dream about the lake. Expected it, still kinda freaked me out cause, well, even if you know a freaky dream is coming ahead of time you still don’t know what’s gonna be in it. And you definitely don’t know what it’ll end up meaning in the real world. I think I’ve got this one figured out, though, cause I think it was pretty literal. Just a good old-fashioned premonition. God, it’s been too long since I had anything that simple.
In the dream I woke up in Cam’s body. It felt… weirdly pretty cool, I guess. I was so damn tall, and the claws are a lot easier to wield than I thought. Not that he complains about them, really, I just expected having four machetes on my hand to be a little harder to deal with. I’m actually starting to miss them a little bit.
So in the dream Cam went down to the lake. He spent a long time sitting on the shore and looking out at where the waterfall probably is, the part of the lake where the mist is thickest. It seemed like he was thinking hard about something but I couldn’t tell what. I kept trying to hear his thoughts but something in his head kept fending me off. Do the Monster troops have psychic defenses? I know standard infantry do, except the cannon fodder. But Monsters are made to resist pain, so I’m not sure how you’d interrogate one. Let alone capture it. Weird. Maybe just a dream thing but everything about this one felt pretty literal, not much dream logic anywhere else.
After a while Cam jumped into the lake. It was a really impressive, showy kinda dive. Where’d he pick that up? He was naval I guess, but they don’t teach you that stuff in training. He just learn that when he was bored? Holed up in some wasteland somewhere that happened have a lake? I can see that.
Things got weird underwater. There were a whole bunch of animals all over. Most of them were really small and a lot of them looked like shrimp. Even the bigger things kinda looked like shrimp. A lot of them had more than 2 eyes and there were a couple things with spikes on their backs. It kinda looked like a bunch of different versions of the same animal. And a lot of them were just weird as hell. Gave me the feeling that life in the lake was still kinda figuring itself out.
Which is weird, right? The rest of this planet has its own developed ecosystem but this one lake just didn’t have anything until these shrimp happened? There’s something up with that lake.
After that, Cam swam back up to land after a bunch of giant shrimp mobbed him and then I woke up. I’m pretty sure all of that was literal like I said, but I’m still not sure what to make of it. The whole dream gave me a sort of weird vibe, like an entire hour of the moment when somebody right behind you is about to talk and you suddenly realize there’s somebody right behind you. Turns out the lake we were directed to go to by a rogue clone of myself is a pretty weird lake. Who woulda thought?

The Cambrian

Mostly just sat around watching the bugs today. The little ones are really incredible. They work together so well. It’s almost like they’re just one animal. I think they talk by passing smells. That’s what a lot of bugs like this do. Ants and termites and even those big sentient bugs from Ikkani.
I wasn’t sure I could do it gently but I did end up prying open one of their rock hives a little bit. They’re actually growing mushrooms in there! And the whole rock is hollow. But still sturdy enough that you could step on it without noticing anything weird. I think they’re growing some of those explosive mushrooms. I think these little bugs have learned how to mine. These caves are weird.
I also spent some time watching one of the beetles. Didn’t see much, just followed it around and saw it doing ordinary beetle stuff. Until it got to the lake. It could swim! It went underwater and came up about five minutes later. I might try and swim after one of those things if I see it doing that again.

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