Day Twenty-Seven


Looking at the last entry I wrote… what the hell does “Continue to Day Twenty-Four-->” mean? I can’t remember anything that’s happened since I wrote that. If I wrote that. Cam can barely remember anything himself.
Jesus, what if I can travel through time? I mean, I can’t think of any other explanation for that… I wrote in my journal that I wanted to skip over whatever day I wrote this on. Next thing I know I’m awake in the future, with no memories of anything in between. I think I can time travel!
Got a killer hangover right now, though. Is time travel worth it if I wake up feeling like this? I’m going back to sleep.

The captain and Zephyr are gone. Ship’s a lot quieter without them. That’s nice, especially since that nap barely did anything to stop my headache. Head’s a lot quieter too. Not as many Daves up here. That’ll take some getting used to.
I can’t remember having any dreams while I was out. Cam can’t either. I think the metaphorphosis is over. Or at least on hold. Hopefully we get a couple weeks of peace before crap hits the fan again. I like this. Being holed up in a cave with Cam. It’s cool. Starting to feel real cozy down here.

Cam’s been looking into getting power back. There’s a couple of streams not far from here. He thinks we could set up a water wheel. I don’t think that would do a whole lot, but I don’t want to kill his hype I guess. It’s nice to see him happy.

Rene Oliver

Well, Zephyr’s gone again. He left a note on the patch of ground he fell asleep on, letting me know he went for an “early morning” hike. Don’t know when that was… does he still think ‘morning’ means something down here? I’ve been up about an hour now. Haven’t seen any sign of him. Heard shouting, that’s what woke me up. Wasn’t his voice, though… maybe one of the Daves?

Just got back from my own hike through the city. Still no sign of Zephyr. Fuck. I’m freaked out now.
Anyways. Yeah, it’s an interesting city. Found at least one grave in every yard. Also found what I think might’ve been a commercial district? Old food containers on shelves, that sort of thing. Mostly in bad shape - animals, and probably mushrooms too, have long since made a feast of these stores. I also found a small library (or bookstore?), from which I procured several documents for Zephyr. I recognize some of the symbols on them… it doesn’t look like the same language as the gravestones. Maybe these were written later, or they use an older language on gravestones for religious reasons? Makes sense to me.
Saw a lot of animals in this city. They’ve really taken the place over in the absence of the people who built it. There are these little lizards that remind me of squirrels, and these waist-high things that eat them. Lot of big insect-looking things. One with nine legs. That’s weird. The wildlife here is really fucking weird. Maybe we should get a team of scientists down here, like Zephyr wants.
Nah. Probably best to keep the Kingdom away from this world.

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