Day Twenty-Four

The Cambrian

Today’s been weird. Woke up in a puddle of meat slop about a mile from the ship. Spent most of the morning walking back. Tried to remember what happened yesterday. Couldn’t. The big army of Daves was gone when I got back. Apparently Dave - the real Dave - ‘negotiated their departure’. Whatever that means. Dave’s freaked out but he’s glad it’s over. Me and him are gonna get some sleep. We both need it.


Through some stroke of incredible luck, the single test volley I slung from my catapult yesterday seems to have imbued the enemy with fear sufficient to inspire their retreat! Today I woke to discover not a single member of that formidable force stood in the vicinity of the Abyss. Doubtless their number are still lurking within the cave, building up the courage for a second attack. But for now, they have disappeared! Oddly, nobody seems to be providing me with the applause I most certainly deserve.
Perhaps they simply realize how important it is that we prepare for the enemy’s second onslaught. We must begin harvesting mushrooms and constructing a line of trebuchets with which to confront our foe. This odd faux-battle may have passed, but the war is just beginning…

After discussing recent events with Rene and our two prisoners, I have concluded that my conception of what occurred in this cave earlier today was misinformed, to say the least. As it so happens, it would appear that David is not, as I had previously suggested, working with the army of men who look exactly like him. He has, in fact, been working against them for some time. Their retreat was the result of several days’ negotiation by David, and I cannot thank him enough for what he has done.
Of course, the army still exists. But, from what he has said, they will bother us no more. As of today they are not enemies - they are nothing but fellow inhabitants of this bizarre and fascinating alien world. David has also implied that their numbers will decrease as the group undergo a vaguely-defined process known as ‘metaphorphosis’ - which I believe we have previously discussed, though only in passing. We should face no further conflicts of their creation. Nonetheless, I shall prepare myself in the event that this ceasefire should ever be broken.

I have begun planning a second expedition into the caves - one which will, with any luck, go uninterrupted by the sudden arrival of a cloned army. I have packed very little food, as very little remains aside from mushrooms. I believe the abundance of flora and fauna in these caves will keep me well-nourished through my journey.
I have little clue when I will depart on this voyage. Tomorrow sounds good to me, but then perhaps I should wait a day to make absolutely certain that the army has left us. I cannot say I trust David - especially given the circumstances which led him to being aboard the Abyss. Were it tomorrow at this moment, I would leave posthaste. But it is not. I will see what tomorrow brings. Perhaps I will leave tomorrow, but perhaps I will not.
And before I forget - I must ask Rene if he would care to accompany me. I believe this expedition will do us both some good.

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